The Master Personal Trainer Certification of NESTA

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association pic
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association

Holding a PhD in theology from the University of Oxford, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson is an author and promoter of a software application with the overarching objective of helping people lead better lives. Dr. Antonio M. Wilson also helps promote physical fitness and better living as a master personal trainer certified by NESTA.

The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) was founded in 1992 by Dr. John Spencer Ellis in Southern California. It is a professional fitness organization providing a broad array of certification programs and educational courses that cover primary, advanced, and specialized topics. NESTA currently has more than 55,000 members worldwide with around 10 percent of its members based outside the United States.

An advanced specialization to attain mastery in the area of personal training, the Master Personal Trainer Certification program qualifies an individual’s skill and knowledge as a personal trainer of the highest level.

The following designations are given to individuals who complete the program: Biomechanics Specialist, Personal Fitness Trainer, Core Conditioning Specialist, Speed, Agility, & Quickness Specialist, Functional Training Specialist, and Master Personal Trainer.

The Trinity – Controversial Concept Derived from Ideas in the Bible

The Trinity pic
The Trinity

Known as the author of the Behind the Faith series of books, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson has undertaken extensive research on theological issues seldom addressed by Christian clergy. Fundamental questions he addresses range from the possibility of sin existing in Heaven to the potential of someone who was with Jesus in Heaven being sent to Hell. Dr. Antonio M. Wilson has also contributed to books such as “Christianity – The Holy Trinity Controversy.”

The concept of the Trinity in Christian theology revolves around God who is the creator of the universe but exist in a God head that is comprised of the Holy Spirit, Jesus the Christ (the Son), and God (the Father). The concept is not directly found in the Bible but is thought to have originated with Tertullian, an early Christian leader who wrote in Latin in the 1st-2nd centuries AD. The doctrine was employed as a way of unifying passages within the Bible that instruct that each of these aspects of God operate independently in three separate persons but collectively is “fully God.”

The idea of a Trinity has long been controversial, with belief systems such as Unitarian Universalism and Mormonism denying its existence, as it does not stem directly from the Bible and is not compatible for them with the doctrine of monotheism.