Revelation, a Book in Dr. Antonio M. Wilson’s Behind the Faith Series

Behind the Faith Series pic
Behind the Faith Series

A graduate of the University of Oxford’s Christ Church college with a doctorate in theology, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson draws on his research as a theologian to author the Behind the Faith book series. In this series, he takes readers through a discussion of such topics as angels, demons, and the Apocalypse. In one book in the series, titled Revelation, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson looks at each verse in the Book of Revelation in an effort to address complex questions relating to the reasons why Christians believe what they do.

Specifically, the book addresses the following questions:

– What happens after someone dies?

– When exactly is someone saved?

– Is salvation progressive after death?

– At the final judgment, what information will the books contain, and how many books will there be?

– Are sins and rewards rated by degrees?

– At the final judgment, will Jesus be sitting on the Great White Throne?

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