Exploring the Tough Questions of Christianity: Behind the Faith

Dr Antonio M Wilson
Dr. Antonio M Wilson

Dr. Antonio M. Wilson is a Naval veteran and expert in apocalyptic scripture and writings of antiquity. Currently working as a freelance research writer at the University of Oxford in Beverly Hills, California, where he assists graduate students in Theology with interpretation of scripture, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson also has a book series entitled Behind the Faith.

Behind the Faith currently consists of two books: Revelation and Advanced Citizenship. As per Dr. Wilson’s area of focus, the books largely concern themselves with the Bible’s Book of Revelation, and the tales of apocalypse. The books delve into theological aspects not normally covered in other texts, such as the interactions between humans, angels, demons, and spirits, as well as why Christians believe what they do, and whether or not one’s salvation can be truly perfected.

To complement his books, Dr. Wilson has also released a variety of broadcasted lectures further elaborating on, or setting up the development for, the topics presented in his written works. Over 20 lectures are available on his website, ranging from frank discussions on communicating with the dead, guardian angels, the plagues, spiritual gifts, and, of course, in-depth looks into the Book of Revelations. To listen to some of the lectures, or to explore the books themselves, visit www.behindthefaith.net.


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