About Dr. Antonio M Wilson

Dr Antonio M Wilson

A researcher and writer at the University of Oxford since 2009, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson composes research papers for Oxford’s graduate archives and creates detailed explanations of biblical history for use by graduate students majoring in theology. Dr. Wilson’s research history includes significant studies of the biblical kingdoms of David and Solomon. Dr. Antonio M. Wilson completed his doctor of theology at Oxford with a thesis on apocalyptic scripture and has contributed to several scholarly books on biblical subjects.

Dr. Wilson’s own book series, Behind The Faith, offers an “unapologetic verse-by-verse” analysis of the Book of Revelation, examining such critical questions as “Can sin exist in Heaven?” and “What is the basis of the Christian faith?.” Designed to appeal to Christians and unbelievers alike, Behind The Faith is currently available at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Amazon.com, and other retail outlets that sell books. Key volumes in the series include Why Christians Believe and Advanced Citizenship.