A New App to Offer Help With Public Assistance Services

Second Life pic
Second Life
Image: a2nd.life

California-based author and speaker Dr. Antonio M. Wilson understands hard times and how important procuring the right help can be. Having experienced the positive effects of public assistance services in his own life, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson decided to do something to mitigate the daunting application process: his latest project has been the development of a new smartphone application titled “Second Life” that provides animated tutorials to streamline the application process.

Each year, millions of Americans who qualify for public assistance services do not seek the help they need because of the difficulty involved with finding, applying for, and receiving the right social services. At $1.99, this app currently serves as an accessible and user-friendly bridge between people in need and the programs designed to serve them.

While it is now available for purchase, the app is still being developed to eventually provide county-specific information for every US state. Currently, the app offers information for 58 counties in California. For more information, those interested can check out the app on iTunes and Google Play or visit the website at www.a2nd.life.