Outdoor Destinations near Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia
Perth, Australia


A theologian with a doctorate from the University of Oxford Christ Church, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson authored the book series Behind the Faith. When not writing or conducting research, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson enjoys traveling and has been to Perth, Australia.

Located on Australia’s western coast, the Perth area offers those who love the outdoors a number of destinations, including:

-Lancelin. Featuring the tallest sand dunes in Western Australia, Lancelin attracts sand boarders, four wheeler enthusiasts, and those who enjoy dune buggy racing. Lancelin is also suited for water sports, such as snorkeling and fishing.

-Penguin Island. Located approximately 45 minutes south of Perth in Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, Penguin Island allows nature lovers to view a variety of species–from penguins and sea lions to dolphins and pelicans–in their natural habitats.

-Rottnest Island. Accessible via ferry, Rottnest Island offers not only pristine beaches with turquoise waters, but also opportunities to see a variety of wildlife, including fur seals and humpback whales.