Ophel City Walls Finds


Ophel City Walls – An Impressive Archaeological Discovery

Ophel City Walls pic
Ophel City Walls
Image: antiquities.org.il

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson leverages years of theological experience to serve as a literary interpreter and research writer with the University of Oxford. Prior to this role, Dr. Antonio M. Wilson assisted the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in its research of the Ophel City Wall site.

In 2010, Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem led the excavation of the Ophel City Wall, adjacent to the City of David in Jerusalem. Biblical scholars have long read about this historic site in the First Book of Kings, which states that King Solomon was responsible for its construction sometime during the 10th century BCE. Even more impressively, the Ophel Wall site is the first structure discovered from this period that mirrors the Biblical portrayal of Solomon’s work.

Mazar worked with a team of archaeology students and workers to uncover the 70-meter wall over the course of three months. Their work revealed the city wall itself as well as several sections of the adjacent complex, which included several rooms and a watchtower. Directly after the team finished excavating the Ophel Wall area, the Israel Antiquities Authority Conservation Department launched efforts to conserve the structures contained within. In 2011, the site received public inauguration and opened to visitors.